Located in the Parish of Azinhaga, Golegã Municipality, District of Santarém, it is surrounded by the river Almonda, in whose fertile alluvial pastures horses, cattle and sheep in an environment of rare beauty. Scroll



In 1830, Rafael José da Cunha also started raising brave cattle; Debuts in 1837 in the Praça do Campo de Santana in Lisbon; His was also the first Portuguese bull held in Madrid in 1854; Offering of Spanish friends, the embalmed head of this "Olive", still remains "proud" on the front wall of the "House of the Cars".

This wild cattle then goes through several processes of sharing and is almost extinct; But in 1969 the heirs Manuel and Carlos Tavares Veiga took up the tradition and founded the new cattle ranch, with a batch of Rafael Calado cows and Dr. Silva stallions, is increased two years later with Cabral Ascensão cows.

Subsequently they were introduced stallions of Nuñez (Rincon). Cabral Ascension, Vasconcellos d'Andrade (Alves do Rio - Coimbra) and Oliveiras Irmãos, while a lot of cows of this last currency, was also incorporated in the cattle ranch. In the last years a stallion of Torrestrella has been added.

The Ganadaria Manuel Veiga, is still present, grazing on the moor, in its Herdade de Talasnas, a little more than 30 km from Quinta da Broa.

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